About us

Open Horizons is a not-for-profit organisation focused on Novell and partner solutions. Open Horizons is supported and officially endorsed by Novell.

Open Horizons is run by a Steering Board that reviews and sets strategy, and agrees community wide projects.  A management team is responsible for administration and day-to-day work  supported by local groups in several European countries.

As of early 2012 there are Open Horizons groups in the UK, Denmark, BeNeLux and with OH-DACh representing the German speaking countries (Gemany, Austria and Switzerland).  There are also groups in South Africa, Sweden and Norway. If there isn’t a local group for you to join then become a Global member, (or think about starting your own Open Horizons chapter! Open Horizons runs events, organises training (using experts from the community), provides online services and is a vital link into Novell itself.

The Steering Board consists of 11 members from local groups along with 2 representatives from Novell and a further two from partner companies.  The latter are representing all partners. The management team currently consists of: Marco Mikulits (OH-DACH); Herbert Lefering (OH-DACH), Paul van der Cruyssen (OH-BeNeLux) and John Ellis (OH-UK).