ShareOnVibe – Free license for Open Horizons members!

Share on Vibe is brand new! With increased popularity of Novell’s online collaboration plattform Vibe, ShareOnVibe is now available as the second 3rd party solution after release of the eSecurity add-on “GWAVA for Vibe” a year ago. ShareOnVibe is the productivity booster for your vibe users.The Firefox plugin features right-click functionality to stream formatted content into your vibe workspace, while continuing your work in the flow of creativity and research. No more changing browser tabs. No more handling time consuming forms. No more cut and paste. It is all done in the background! For a better understanding the engineers of co3tools have prepared this little 4-minute video. An here is the good news: Open Horizons members get a professional license for free!
Apply online today and get your personal license key immediately!

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